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Power & Grace at Bowmans Sculpture

Power & Grace (Gym Rings), on exhibition as part of the Ingot Prize by London Bronze Casting, at Bowman Sculpture, London

Box (body red) Ali back view

Box (body red), exhibition Immateriality, Expectations & Possibilities, The Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury


Box 1  raw clay and silicone, MMM exhibition, UCA Farnham MA show


Box 1  post performance, Summer Studio

The body moves in ways, drawing on the muscle memory from training, desire & feeling from the inner world surges, moves out into space, it meets surfaces and an energy exchange takes place at the molecular level, alteration and fusion occurs, here art is made…

Boxing into Being movement energy on surface

Sculpture made by performative sculpture making at The James Hockey Gallery, Farnham for Farnham Art Society.  To be cast and made into bronze.  Boxed air drying clay, performance-as with a women’s professional boxing match, 10 rounds of boxing for 2 mins with 1 mins rest in between (above)

Below, links to a couple of articles, as examples…

A tribute to the mother of modern dance


Blue Love Dance Movement   oil on primed hand made paper


Blue Awakening  oil on primed handmade paper


High Kicks 3 installation post performance, The James Hockey Gallery, Farnham


Gym Rings 3 floor boards on exhibition with film of the making, The James Hockey Gallery, Farnham

Ali box 2 lead punchbag and wrapped clay piled

Summer studio view 2015

Ali Becoming detail of box 1

Detail of Becoming, relic Impact Trace Objects,, cast in plaster


Making Fitness Stories ceramic floor tiles, Autumn Studio


Detail of Fitness Stories ceramic floor tiles

Fitness Stories gallery view of plaster & Sarah

First Impact Trace Objects on exhibition at The Garden Gallery, Farnham Museum


Hot & Mesmerising (centre) and Awakening Red & Blue and Blue (either side), The Garden Gallery, Farnham Museum


Gym (1) liquid chalk Post performance, Summer Studio

lead punch bag close up

Lead Punch bag, pre performance, Summer Studio


Box (3) lead punchbag


Box (3) lead punchbag  part of MMM installation, Farnham UCA

Ali Summer Studio box (2) & box (3) Becoming & gym rings

Summer Studio view  August 2015


Impact trace objects & mirror

Becoming   Impact Trace Object   in the Summer Studio

Kermiacast plaster          60cm x 40cm x14 cm x 4


Gym Rings Blue Yellow


Red & Gold Love Dance Movement


Blue Love Dance Movement (magnetic)

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