Cup of Water (contemplating Aasia Bibi)

Whoever you are
You can share
My cup of water
For we sustain
One another
We are not separate
But link together
Like a daisy chain

Let us smile
Upon each other
Same breath
Same earth
Same sky
Bow our heads
In mutual blessing
Keep our hearts open
As a rain drop
Falls into a river
Runs into the ocean…


Kinesthetic Bonding (II)                            (Connections series)

Motion dazzles
Like direct sunlight filling the eyes
The body’s senses fill and overflow
Intelligent body surveys
and responds

Soaked sensual drowning
The primary and secondary
Fully immersed in the loud
Cracks of the punches
Against enticing pads

Muscles projecting powerfully
Leather pads absorb
Assisted by the strength behind
Eyes meet, glimpse each other
And part
As they track the pathways to the Stilling Points

Body’s, like mirrors, respond
Echoes of invisible harmonies
Flesh bound with soulful threads
Weave a spell-like pattern

On the fabric of body’s moving
Folding, becoming

Heat gathers on foreheads, chests and thighs
Rosy with flush
Cheeks reveal the mounting effort
Punches halted send reverberating shudders
Down through bone, muscle and nerves
Shakes the spirit

Threatens to bring down the metal armoury worn inside
Until like a car windscreen shattering
Suddenly internal explodes
The body dissolves
As steam from a kettle disappears
And muscular bonding enlarges the beings
Like the aura of an eclipse
Created in the communion
Of movement’s choreography

Breath becomes focused
The Ssss on impact
And the deeper inhale of in-between
Boxer’s breath
Yields results in
The fleshes fibres
Micro performance

Heart pumps faster
Jab, jab, upper, cross, hook
Brow glows
Sweat gathers on the back of the neck,
The centre of the chest between
Sharply rising breasts
Partnered by movement’s commander
Leading with a confident semaphore, understood
By 12oz leather gloves following, impacting
Pheromones fly and mix
A concoction that mingles
Whilst vibrations tingle
And wavelengths sync

Body’s physicality merging
Melting beyond skin
Immaterial twins of motion
Souls in syncopation

Kinesthetic Bonding
Blending distinctive hues
On the palette of body’s entwined
Through locomotion with
Powerful, rhythm and grace.


Whisper                                          (Arriving series)

And so I whisper
Yet with a fresh confidence

Step upon the ladder
To climb to the radiant stars
Which reaches up to touch and bring back the light
Keep it close to the heart

This pulls invisibly
Strong like a magnet

Seed of silence
Warmed in the Spring
Parted to reveal
This whisper

It gently calls in the dark blue
Of twilight just as the first stars appear

It softly sighs over the currents of
the bay

Rustles through the leaves of the
Silver birch swaying in the wind

Kisses the ear with warm breath
Like a lick of the lips

As when tongues tingle on tips, when they meet
In the mouths of longing acted upon

Or dreams breaking into being
Like figures forming in the rising mist
on a cold, winter’s morning

Wonder that such a tiny whisper
Can sing an enchanting melody

Yet small can be like steel
As with the strength of the toes of
A ballet dancer en pointe

No going back
Like the surge bought by the Vernal Equinox
That sends buds shooting skyward

This soft whisper carries with the warming breeze
The velvet notes of a mermaid’s song
Calling across the sea
In the golden pink of dawn

This powerful whisper
Touches the soft, alert heart of
Its mirror soul,
Which has been journeying on
A path to get ready
To touch & encircle
The purpose of this whisper…


From the ‘Senses’ series

By the Lake (touch)

Far away in the mountains by a lake, the air is clean, the sun shines and the sand is soft beneath my buttocks, as I await cross legged on the shore

And you come to me, my love.

We sit back to back.  Your strong back feels good and solid against mine, we link and bind through our bodies touch and then we sit side by side, looking across the water.

I have a glow in my heart and soul, for to be next to you is the best life gives.

Here in this secret place, that is ours alone, we can be what we are.

Out in the world, the places I go, that carry an echo of you, cast a shadow which thrills me and at the same time, scratches like a pin at my soul. A thick rope binds my chest and is tightening. I struggle for air.

Yet here on the sand all is beautiful. This perhaps is heaven. I am what I am, you are what you are and we can be what we are meant to be, together.

Sometimes it seems like love is floating off, swept up and away by a  buffeting wind and the world will be left colder and darker.  Shaking, I hold onto the knowledge that this will pass. It is like a thunder storm deep in the night…

Greater still is the fiery urge to fight to keep love alive, like the peaceful dawn following, for it warms and softens, and is life’s gold. Most precious and long lasting.

And you are the one who lit the wick of my candle, so light brightens my enchanted soul and now we are forever bound.

So from time to time, we can sit by the lake. Back to back or side by side, while I gather the courage to kiss your soft, pink lips which draw me like a planet to the sun.

And the tingle I feel from your fingers when they lay on my skin, through the cloth on my thigh, tells me a little of your hidden story. And I hope that a forbidden knot ties your heart to mine, through silent lips which quietly, yet with urgent longing, seek mine in return.

It is a long journey from here to there but the course is set and the pull is life given. We are but as leaves floating downstream on the current. And I feel the currents quickening through my body whilst the heat is rising…

Sometimes souls meet and join together in the tangled lives of others. That is when love’s glow only makes sense in the quiet moments by the lake…