Artist statement

My art practice and writing of poetry are explorations which contemplate the life force or positive energy which connects and permeates all things.  Creating an expression of such reflections through art & poetic practice.

I connect strongly with nature. With an underlying awareness of the environmental issues facing our world I feel we need to develop our way of life to be much more in tune with nature and to be far more equitable towards other species.

I create expressions of the connections between the body, life force and everything in the world around us.  Nothing being separate.   A study of the lines and shapes, of pathways taken, connections made and the spaces in between. And the clusters and patterns of energy, created through relationality in movement, emotion and the connecting nature and attracting forces of  embedded karma. As if, the art & poetry were maps of the inner world in communication with other inner worlds through form, pattern and shape. Or at least this is their aspiration which in practice perhaps creates only hints and echoes. Underpinning my art and poems are Buddhist philosophy and practice.

As an artist and poet, when I work, I reflect upon the deep and sometimes personal, questions which can absorb our emotional and spiritual landscapes. I contemplate fundamental questions about life. Reflecting on what life is and about love and relationships. And I wonder about ways we can we bring out the best in ourselves and others. How we can live to create more environmental balance. And how we can encourage kindness, equanimity and peace in the world.  Essential questions which affect us all. In the understanding that our responses to these central questions in life, will affect our own world, our children’s world, their children’s also and so on.

These preoccupations are present in my art and poems, in glimpses, reflections, metaphors and shadows…

For me art and poetry are like, a face peering down into the deep stillness of the water, that is the black-calm of a lake… one reflects the other, perfectly.

I like to work with beauty and colour. At times with gentleness and quietude and at other times, with the effervescent energy of  physicality embodied with power and grace…

Above all I endeavour to create art and poetry, underpinned by a philosophy of hope which promotes peace, balance and tranquility in our world.

Key words – art, connectivity, nature, buddhism, movement, poems, love, life force, boxing, gym rings, relationality.