Ingot Prize

In 2015, I was fortunate to be awarded ‘The Ingot Prize’ by London Bronze Casting. (They now run a ‘Bronze Fellowship Scheme’ instead.) The joint prize winners, myself and Harry Fletcher & Jim, had our winning sculptures cast in bronze, by the London Bronze Company (LBC). The sculptures were exhibited, in July 2016, at Bowman Sculpture, 6 Duke Street, St James, London.

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Power & Grace (Gym Rings) detail for Marcus from email

Power & Grace (Gym Rings), detail (above)

bronze, black granite

157cm x 20cm x 20cm

Power & Grace (gym rings), exhibited at Bowman Sculpture, London 18th July-29th July 2016, (below) 

The experimental focus of the sculpture making process, was to be able to make a body mould under tension.  Usually they are made with the model in repose.  I had to train in the gym to enable this. The idea was to represent an empowered, female form using gym rings, typically a male sports apparatus.

My heartfelt thanks go to all at London Bronze Company for casting a beautiful, striking bronze, and Bowman Sculpture for the wonderful opportunity and experience of exhibiting at this prestigious Mayfair, London, gallery.

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