Past Project

Currently I am working on a project set in and around, an area of the South Downs National Park. Ancient chalk downland, tunnels made by green trees dappled by the golden light of Summer, farms with golden fields and cows, narrow winding lanes and pretty villages, stone walls lined with Holly Hocks and towns enlivened by nice cafes, historic churches and little shops. A lovely corner of the world to explore.

My work starts by exploring, moving through and looking at, the landscape.  An emotional and soulful response rises, begins to take shape and find forms which then percolates into poems, paintings, drawings and sculptures.  A journey of feelings.  Of how inside relates to and connects with outside.  Exploring what lies within and beyond, and connects through the body. Reflecting on the meaning of life and the essence of human existence.

The first of these pieces of work is a poem I have written which is called, ‘Old Soul’.

Old Soul

some broken
some continuous
construct a tapestry
As I weave
on sun speckled
country lanes

connected to place
land, hills, chalk
tunnels of lush green
dappled shade
Golden flashes
form glimpses
which rise and
like waves rolling in
on a beach
Flowing as a tide
commanded by the
silver moon

On the hill
where a
hill fort lives
Managed wilderness
produces a multitude
of butterflies
black spots on white
fluorescent yellow
chocolate brown
scarlet on toffee
So many,
a smile
spontaneously moves the cheeks,
creates wrinkles

Wild grass
Mustard yellow candles
Flowers luminous in the
strong sunlight
Cornflower blue,
purple, Willow Herb
and thistles
Lift the heart
as they fill the eyes

Wispy clouds;
in the vast, clear light
the blue, so blue
Summer sky,
As when
thoughts come and go
in the hotness
of the day

Moments melt
blend into colours
and shapes,
which knock
on the door,
protecting my heart…

The delicate lace
it makes,
the trace left after
some might say is,
reminiscent of
Miss Haversham’s cobwebs
Yet abstraction,
bold and beautiful
Blows away
any ripples
along those lines
Too effervescent,

As paint gradually dries
and Rapunzel’s
hair grew,
light & love
sets the stone rolling
Or turns it into gold
A diamond made in
exceeding time.
As when water filters
through rock,
forms a shaft,
allowing light
to shine in,
permeating places
never seen before

This tapestry
of life and memory
seems like a siren
calling in the mist
which dawn dissolves
Revealing this
secret island of
land and trees
rivers and sky
songful birds.

And living here
deep in this treasure,
an immutable friend
stands waiting
in the light and shade
of the forest
In whose eyes,
of soulful beauty
and knowing,
I reside